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Build your storytelling skills by taking these challenges to keep you on your toes.

Write the Next Chapter

Get your creative juices flowing. Take an existing story and write the next chapter or start a brand new story . . .

Follow the Object

Tell a short story that centers around an object. The caveat – you have to pick up the object where it was last left in the previous story.

Tell A Backwards Story

Start with the last chapter and work your way to the beginning – but make sure it makes sense. For an example look at Jeffery Deaver’s The October List


Fact or Fiction

Watch/listen to the story and vote whether you think it is Fact or Fiction. (You will find out the result after you vote).

Got an amazing story to add to our contest? We welcome your submission. We only ask that the story be either fully true or fully false. None of these mostly true but one little thing was changed.



We are currently building teams for our next contest. Each team will write a 10 chapter story where each team member writes a single chapter. The order of writing will be picked randomly at the start of the contest. Our panel of judges will select the winning book which will be published on Amazon with royalties going to the winner.